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Jl. Pesing Poglar Pool PPD Pesing No.2 , Prima Center 2 blok D no. 6 Jakarta Barat, 11060
  • Sample Tea Sachet

  • Sample Sweetener

  • Sample Slipper

  • Sample Straw, Chopstick, Toothpick, Stirer, Coaster, Cover Glass


Our Product :

Product packaging is an integral part of your invention design process. Many times inventors will get so close to being "finished" with their overall product, that packaging is placed on the backburner. This should not be the case. As the first line of contact with the consumer, your invention packaging is the ultimate point-of-sale tool, which requires a cohesive design to encourage sales.

  • Sugar Sachet
  • Sweetener Sachet
  • Pepper Sachet
  • Tea Sachet
  • Straw pack
  • Creamer Sachet
  • Coffee Sachet
  • Salt Sachet
  • Toothpick pack
  • Chopstick pack
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